Thursday, February 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures

So I finally downloaded the Christmas pictures off the camera before something happened and they disappeared. We seemed to have a shoe theme going on at the house this year...just happened that way I guess. Kirstin loved her "boots with the fur" and Heeleys. Although, the Heeleys took a little getting used to...

BIG thanks to Ribbon Rock Star and Mommy Cracked

This is a long overdue thank you to Linda over at Ribbon Rock Star. I won one of her reindeer clippies from Mommy Cracked during the Southern Christmas give-a-way. I had to snag the picture from Mommy Cracked as Makenna, my best friends little girl, would not keep it in her hair long enough to take a picture. She prefers the Donald Trump hairdo. DO NOT tell her it'll be pretty, she'll look just like a princess. The response will be "I NOT A PRINCESS!"

Thank you Ribbon Rock Star and Mommy Cracked!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY

You will not believe how excited I was when I received an e-mail from Build-a-Bear with their latest limited edition...that's right it's a GROUNDHOG! This 30-something gal had to go make hers right away. Yes, his name is Phil...what else would you name a groundhog...and I changed his birthday to February 2nd. After all, I have been to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to see the little guy...not on the big day, but on one of our family vacations.

Here's a little diddy I still remember from day care to celebrate the glorious day:

It's goundhog's day, it's groundhog's day
If he sees his shadow, he will run away
But if he doesn't, spring is here to say
It's groundhog's day, it's groundhog's day


Darnit! I forgot to wear my red today. But, I do have on a pink sweater and my Brighton breast cancer awareness I am showing support today, just the wrong color.