Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I wanna go back to bed

It's raining, I loaded the dishwasher to the max only to find out it isn't working and my neighbor found some guy sleeping in the alley behind their house. What a wonderful Tuesday...

Monday, March 17, 2008

I need these like I need a hole in the head....

So I have my china set, Grandma's, Mom's Johnson Bros. Christmas set and a set of Fiesta I use for everyday. BUT, these are just too cool!

Varsity China has a whole line of University plates. Even a few for that other school. I'm telling myself I need to wait until they add another A&M plate. That way I'd have a set of four...

Dallas Blooms

The Dallas Blooms festival is happening at the Arboretum right now. K and I visited yesterday while Daddy was at work. This year's theme is The Star of Texas. The topiary wasn't in full bloom, but still cool. Anything with the Texas star has to be cool...unless it's associated with that Longhorn School.

And who doesn't love rolling down a giant grassy hill....

Friday, March 7, 2008

Trip to Tucson

Dh and I were in Tucson earlier this month visiting the folks. The highlight of the trip was sitting in a corporate booth on the 13th green during Thursday's round of the Accenture Match Play. No cameras allowed, so no pictures. Here's on of the entrance to the Dove Mountain community.

However, I did manage to get an up close look at Tiger's golf bag and figure out what the heck the other headcover is on his clubs....Frank the tiger, but what the heck was that brown thing. I could never figure it out from the tv camera shots. Hello...it's a Kiwi, geez, why couldn't I see that... His caddy Steve is a Kiwi and the proceeds go to his foundation. I believe next year the tournament will be held on the new golf course at the Ritz.

Mom and I had a great time tooling around shopping, eating and checking out Biosphere 2....since it is now being leased to U of A. Dh and Dad spent their days golfing, no not with Tiger.

I know why I didn't take the GRE

I finally checked out freerice.org after reading about it and seeing it on the news. I've managed to consistently stay at level 35, but never get any higher. Guess that's why I didn't take the GRE and go on to grad school. Being an engineer in the sewer industry doesn't take a ginormous vocabulary...

It is rather addicitive though, and what a cool idea!