Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Texas Size Cupcake

I saw this pan the other day at the grocery store of all places.

How cool is that...A ginormous cupcake!

I think a trip to Michael's is in order to see if they have one there (so I could use a coupon of course!)

2 comments: said...

Ohhh, I love this pan...but being my cheap self, I can't simply buy it from Wilton. How much was it in the store?

We're going to have a cupcake them for our daughter's first birthday...and she'll get her very own big cupcake!

gina said...

I have seen these featured on a lot of the baking blogs I lurk at and there is one complaint- uneven baking due to the sixe difference of the two sides of the pan- I've heard of two solutions- 1. Some people have bought two pans?!? And some just bake one side at a time- a little time consuming but it makes for a better cake. :)