Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

I spent most of yesterday cleaning out the guest bedroom closet. How in the world I can accumulate so much stuff I will never know. Going to try to list some of it on e-bay tonight. Does anyone else have TOTES of holiday decorations? I used to be so deligent at decorating throughout the year...not anymore. I'm lucky to get the Halloween candy bowl out...and don't get me started on the Christmas tree. In my dream home, I'm going to have a closet I can wheel that thing in and out of. No more putting it up, fluffing the branches, stringing the lights, hanging the ornaments...only to take it all down. I threw out so many Easter baskets/containers. I really need to look at buying one "permanent" basket and using it for the next several years. I like this one from Good Pails to Have
It's springy, yet could be used for something else once the whole Easter Bunny thing is over. Elexis of Good Pails sent me some handmade magnets and thumb tacks and they were just the cutest thing. Now our message board is stylin'!

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elexisb said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the mention!