Thursday, January 10, 2008

Killing two birds with one stone

Ok, I think I've figured out a way to encourage myself to lose a little weight and justify spending a few bucks at LUSH. For every ten pounds I lose, I'm going to allow myself to buy $10 in product. So when the bath bombs run out, I'd better get to losing some more weight! Hopefully I see a lot of these in my future....


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!
Thanks for the tip for Chicken and Dumplings. I will have to try it next.


Christy said...

It's a great plan! I'd have to let myself spend like $50 for every 10 pounds list, though, since I have to drive an hour to get to Lush!

Don't worry if you win my giveaway, I won't tell anyone you have an extra bath bomb :)